The Burlington County Kennel Club hosts various activities


          ~ AKC-recognized Events

                      • All-Breed Dog Show 

                      • All-Breed Obedience Trial

                      • All-Breed Rally Trial

                     • All-Breed Agility Trials (4 per year)

                      • Herding Trials (4 per year)

                      • Tracking Trials (1 per year)

                      • Coursing Ability Test (3 in one weekend per year)

                      • All-Breed Match Show (not every year)

                      • Barn Hunts

                      • Odor Recognition Test

          ~ Monthly Membership Meetings

          ~ Show Handling Classes

          ~ Public Education Activities

                    - Farm Fair Booth

                    - Information Booths at Pet Food Stores and
                                Dog Shows                    

                    - BCKC Web Site

                    - Information booths at township and fair events

                    - Participation in NJ Federation of

                              Dog Clubs Breeder Referral Program

          ~ Donations to Charitable Organizations and to the

                    Burlington County Animal Shelter

          ~ Scholarships Distribution to . . .

                    - Students in Small Animal Studies

                    - Deserving Student that is a Member or is the

                              Child of a Member of the BCKC

                    - Dog-Related Seminars and

                              Training Experiences for Deserving Youth

          ~ Support of Burlington County Dog 4-H Programs


            CLUB INFO